The 11 Absolute Best Ethereum Wallets

What is Ethereum?

What is an Ethereum Wallet?

The 11 Absolute Best Ethereum Wallets

  1. Argent
  2. Authereum
  3. imToken
  4. MyCrypto
  5. MyEtherWallet
  6. Monolith
  7. Dharma
  8. Gnosis
  9. Alpha Wallet
  10. Torus
  11. Enjin

Criteria for Selecting the 11 Absolute Best Ethereum Wallets for this List

  1. Fully audited or open-source (publicly accessible) code. Which guarantees security and reduces risk to users.
  2. Supports access and interaction with your favorite dApps on the Ethereum Blockchain. Providing enhanced utility to users.
  3. Non-custodial. Not your key, not your funds. Only you control your funds, such that should the wallet disappear for any reason, you can simply move to and access your funds through other wallets.
  4. Decentralized and without geographical limitations. Anyone, anywhere in the world is able to use the wallets without limitations whatsoever.
  5. Supports all ERC20 tokens. You can store and manage your Ether (ETH) and all ERC-20 tokens from the wallet.
  6. User-friendly. Easy and simple enough for a first-time user to be able to navigate successfully.
  7. Have an active community and support system and managed by an active team.
  8. Fiat on-ramp. Supports the purchasing of crypto with a bank card directly from the wallet.
  9. Decentralized token swaps or exchange. Swap one cryptocurrency for another right inside of your wallet without having to use a centralized exchange
  10. Access to financial services such as borrowing, lending, savings, staking, etc from your wallet.

Other interesting and unique features of selected additional wallets in the list.

  1. Multi-signature accounts. Enabling two or more users to jointly authorize a transaction before it’s executed, providing an extra layer of security.
  2. Withdrawing crypto directly to your bank account from the wallet with minimal KYC requirements.
  3. Make high volume in-app crypto purchases with your bank card (for the whales).
  4. Provides limit protection, such that should an authorized user gain temporary access to your wallet they can’t drain all your money in a single transaction.

The 11 Absolute Best Ethereum Wallets Discussed

1. Argent

Unique Features of Argent Wallet:

  • Argent pays for your gas fees
  • Argent enables you to lock and unlock your wallet from making transactions
  • Argent uses a domain name like wallet address e.g (yes, that’s my wallet address)as your wallet address making it easy to remember your wallet address (account number) and making transacting with crypto as simple as sending an email.
  • Supports multi-signature transactions, providing another layer of security for users.
  1. Argent requires that you “activate” your wallet with a minimum of $100 initial deposit. I know that sounds scammy and scary but the wallet is trying to replicate the simplicity of the traditional financial system in crypto.
  2. Argent demand your phone number upon registration, though for seemingly good reasons:
  • Send you security notification when suspicious activities are detected with your wallet
  • As a two-factor authenticator when recovering your wallet to another device in case you lose your phone
  • To prevent malicious actors from creating multiple accounts and draining their reserve of coins by making multiple fake transactions, otherwise known as a Sybil Attack.

2. Authereum

Unique Features of Authereum Wallet

  • Access your Authereum wallet and funds anywhere, at any time, and on any browser — mobile, or desktop. No seed phrases to store, no downloads required, and 100% self-custody.
  • If you’re a whale, you can make large volume crypto purchases with your bank card.
  • Enables limits protection or restrict your wallet from making a transaction if you suspect anything or want to limit your spend

3. imToken

4. MyCrypto

Unique Features of MyCrypto Wallet

  • Access to different decentralized financial (DeFi) tools
  • Make large volume crypto purchases with a bank card (fiat)
  • Explore and interact with your favorite dApps on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Provides decentralized token exchange or swap

5. MyEtherWallet

Unique Features of MEW

  • Support for registration of ENS (Ethereum name services) names
  • Deploy smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain
  • Borrow and lend out your crypto assets on interest
  • Swap and trade tokens for Ether and vice-versa
  • Interact with dApps, sign blockchain messages
  • Connect with all major hardware wallets and devices
  • Buy crypto with a bank card, and much more

6. Monolith

Unique Features of Monolith

  • Withdraw your funds to your bank account
  • Purchase crypto (DAI) with your bank card with zero fees
  • Support multi-signature transactions for extra security
  • Perform decentralized token swaps
  • Set a daily spend limit to restrict your spend or protect your funds from theft
  • Deploy smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain

7. Dharma

How Dharma Works

Unique Features of Dharma Wallet

  • Withdraw your crypto to the bank
  • Decentralized token swap and exchange
  • Enjoy zero transaction fees on your Dharma wallet
  • Intelligent token price alerts
  • Automatically earn interest on your DAI and USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin balances 24/7/265

8. Gnosis

Features of Gnosis Wallet

  • Multi-signature. Set a pre-determined number of signatures required to confirm transactions as an added layer of security for your company, or family crypto funds.
  • Supports the storage and management of your Ether (ETH) coin and all ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721 collectibles.
  • Access your wallet from the web, desktop, or on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Invest in DeFi, earn, borrow, invoice, setup payroll, and much more with your Gnosis wallet

9. Alpha Wallet

Unique Features of AlphaWallet

  • Store and manage all your Ethereum-based digital assets such as ENS, NFTs, Ether coin, and all ERC-20 tokens.
  • Invest and earn with DeFi right from your Alpha wallet.
  • Enjoy cold-level security with Gnosis Secure Enclave technology.
  • Interact with and access Ethereum dApps.

Alpha Wallet Use Cases

Unique Features of Torus Wallet

  • One-click login to your wallet and dApps using your Google, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Twitch accounts.
  • Torus enables you to transact with your Email and Social IDs; send tokens directly to any Google, Discord, or Reddit user, even if they have never logged into Torus before.
  • Purchase crypto with your bank cards and wire transfers right from your wallet
  • Torus is a Web-based wallet that requires no registrations, downloads, or installations

Unique Features of Enjin Wallet

  • Infinite wallets support. Create, import, manage multiple wallets, all from a single, easy-to-use app.
  • Access and interact with any Ethereum-based dApp right from your Enjin wallet.
  • Decentralized token swap and exchange.
  • Supports linking your wallet to blockchain games and
  • Support daily transaction limits and wallet restrictions to protect your crypto.

Final Thought on the 11 Best Ethereum Wallets

  1. How easy the wallet is to use especially for those new to crypto
  2. How secure the wallet is. The wallet must be fully audited, open-source, and non-custodial.
  3. The ability to purchase crypto with bank cards right from the wallet
  4. Support access to and interaction with dApps and DeFi products
  5. Limiting or eliminating having to deal with long wallet addresses




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CryptoSorted is a leading source of actionable crypto investment information, focused on helping you make informed and independent crypto investing decisions.

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